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Forever Digital is a creative SEO agency in Manchester. Our search engine optimisation strategy’s help place brands large and small on the digital map – right where their customers expect them.

At Forever Digital we combine great technical SEO and linkbuilding outreach knowledge to build comprehensive and integrated campaigns tailor made for your website.

Everyone knows about SEO and most digital marketing/web design agencies offer it. But that’s like saying everyone knows how to play football. Some do it a lot better than others.

We can combine our great creative and technical knowledge to build truly integrated campaigns that really deliver – from stunning web design that has SEO strategy built in to creative content perfect for outreach and stunning visuals like infographics and GIFs.

Our digital marketing team are devoted to the discipline of SEO. They ensure that Forever, as a collective keep up-to-date with their knowledge on the latest algorithms of search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. We design our efforts to gain traction and build your brand online, so much so we even train our creative designers the fundamentals of SEO marketing across the agency. Our SEO executives actually carry out their own research into groundbreaking linkbuilding techniques to ensure that we as an agency can offer a truly unique service.

What SEO agency services Forever offer:

  • Website structure and backlink analysis
  • Detailed keyword ranking reports
  • Google penalty services and reconsideration requests
  • Toxic backlink removal
  • Internal linking structure strategies
  • Technical on-site optimisation from page content to site speed testing
  • In-depth keyword research and site-structure flowcharts
  • Guest blogging and outreach
  • Infographic design and marketing
  • SEO content creation and on-site content targeting long-tail search terms
  • Content and social media linkbuilding
  • Ongoing and strategic linkbuilding campaigns
  • Detailed monthly SEO agency reporting

If you need help with your websites SEO, be it on a linkbuilding campaign or full integrated search engine optimisation campaign, you can get in touch here 

Our SEO Agency offering for B2B Organisations

Although the theory of SEO applies to all organisations, once the client’s goal has been identified and agreed with the agency, we make it our mission to not just increase web traffic, but to attract your target audience and help increase conversions for the business.

We know the principles of a campaign targeting other businesses remains focused around sales, and in the absence of a shopping cart and checkout, the targets will more than likely be the traditional form of telephone enquiries, email signups, contact form enquiries and social media engagement. Making your targeted customers understand your business and brand is just as important as generating the traffic in the first place.

Our SEO Agency offering for B2C Consumer Brands

Forever Digital works to get into the mindset of both your website and your customers to understand exactly what it is they want to see, and what you want to sell. A similar methodology to our social media marketing, this thinking when used in an SEO setting helps ensure that we help your website rank for the keywords that are going to convert. Sometimes that means focusing less on those big search volume generic keywords and targeting numerous long-tail and very specific terms.

We ensure your site is tailored with content to match the target keywords, meaning that when a potential consumer lands on your page, they find exactly what they are looking for.

Our integrated methodology means that we can integrate SEO campaigns with content marketing and social media campaigns to, so that we can help squeeze every possible positive outcome from each piece of content output – be it a backlink from an Instagram update or increased referral traffic from on-site blog content.

Are you ready for higher sales, more conversions and increased digital brand awareness? Say hello to Forever today >>>

"Forever combines great creative and technical knowledge to build truly integrated campaigns that really deliver - from stunning web design that has SEO strategy built in to creative blog content and infographics perfect for outreach and linkbuilding"

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